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Four Paws Trek and Train

Further Information


  • We provide poo bags and ALWAYS clear up after your pooch!
  • We use our own leads We will, on consultation with you, use a longline for recall training. All dogs are requested to wear a harness.
  • Bitches in season cannot be walked. By special arrangement, visits may be appropriate instead.
  • I do not support the use of choke chains or shock collars and will not use aversive techniques (rattle bottle, spray etc). We do not use extendable leads.
  • We do provide food rewards. These are useful for newbies and perhaps those who are a little nervous to start with. It can also be helpful on group walks when the dogs are getting to know each other. They are used sparingly and this will be checked with you beforehand on our meet and greet consultation. I only use hypoallergenic treats, which are made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • On warmer days we have water with me and do use a chill mat in the van. The vans are air conditioned. If particularly hot, it may be necessary for those having midday walks, to take the dogs out earlier to help avoid the hottest part of the day. On hot days or for those breeds which are susceptible (generally short nosed dogs) it may be appropriate to shorten the walks to avoid heatstroke. During colder and wet weather, please provide your dog's coat, as necessary.
  • We are pet first aid trained and have a kit on board with me. However, we will contact your vet ASAP should it be necessary, and seek medical treatment with the nearest practice. You will be informed at the earliest opportunity.